雲南辺境には街娼氾濫 エイズ感染者数中国トップ : 日中医療衛生情報研究所

雲南辺境には街娼氾濫 エイズ感染者数中国トップ : 日中医療衛生情報研究所

2016年01月16日 18:48 『 雲南辺境には街娼氾濫 エイズ感染者数中国トップ

2016年 1月16日の記事です。 (This is the article issued on January 16, 2016)

【大紀元2017年01月16日訊】(大紀元記者: 洪 寧 総合報道)

大陸メディアの報道によると、上述責任者馬元琼氏は、アメリカで登録されたNGO組織『福華国際(Bless China International : BCIと略)』の職員で、当該組織は2004年設立されている。


Many street girls at Yunnan border zone: The province’s HIV infection ranks first in China

Epoch Times www.epochtimes.com 2016-01-16 18:48 Source:

【Epoch Times January 16, 2016 News】(Epoch Times reporter: Hong Ning: Comprehensive coverage)
The number of HIV / AIDS patients in Yunnan ranks first in China, as of October 2014, there were 87,634 HIV-infected survivors living in Yunnan province. The chief of AIDS prevention project in Xishuangbanna of Yunnan Province said that the female sex workers spreading in Yunnan Province and the poor general awareness of prevention have aggravated the serious AIDS situation in the region.
According to mainland media, Ma Yuanqiong, the above-mentioned chief, is a staff member of Bless China International (BCI), a U.S. registered non-governmental organization, which was established in 2004.

Ma Yuanqiong said that the population of Xishuangbanna is more complicated. There is a large number of female sex workers coming from foreign countries or other provinces or cities, most of them are aged 14 to 50 years old. They generally have low levels of education and low fees and are at high risk of contracting or transmitting AIDS.Many female sex workers are either forced or desperate to go bankrupt or find it easy to make money because of the aftermath of the incident, while others are purely for material enjoyment.

Over the years, Ma Yuanqiong’s team, visiting the city’s hidden places, have good relations with commercial sex workers and their bosses. Disseminate sexual knowledge to sex workers, teach them skills of persuading guests to use condoms, encourage them to get physical examination and so on, further, even persuade the sex workers to divert themselves.
According to reports, once people in Xishuangbanna do not understand what is AIDS, and they had discrimination


云南边境暗娼泛滥 感染爱滋病人数居中国首位

大纪元 www.epochtimes.com 2016-01-16 18:48 来源:


据大陆媒体报导,上述负责人马元琼是一家在美国注册的非政府组织“福华国际”(Bless China International ,简称BCI)的工作人员,该组织成立于2004年。

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