H7N9:ウィルスは冬を恐れず 散発的発生の恐れも : 日中医療衛生情報研究所

H7N9:ウィルスは冬を恐れず 散発的発生の恐れも : 日H7N9Image中医療衛生情報研究所

2013年11月29日 14:27:16 『 H7N9:ウィルスは冬を恐れず 散発的発生の恐れも

2013年 11月29日の記事です。 (This is the article issued on November 29, 2013)

これまでのところ、浙江省下半期のH7N9鳥インフルエンザ感染者は4人となり、そのうち、嘉興の感染者 (FT#140) が1名、不幸にも亡くなった(宮本注:これで死亡者は46名目となるが死亡日は発表されていない)。
H7N9鳥インフルエンザは、浙江省からは消え去っていない。 今にも冬入りするという時期に、H7N9鳥インフルエンザが下半期になってこのような逆襲をしてきたが、今後更に広まってしまうのか? 記者は、浙江省の疾病予防管理専門家にインタビューをしたところ、専門家はそれを肯定しつつ、ウィルスは酷寒を恐れることなく存在し得るが、民衆は一定の防護をしつつも過度の心配はせずともよいと語った。


Avian flu virus don not matter coldness: case will appear but still sporadic

Xinhua Xianghu Xiao Ran Health www.xianghunet.com 2013-11-29 14:27:16 Source: Zhejiang Online

According to the national requirements, from November 1, 2013, our province has begun to put H7N9 avian influenza into the Class-B management and to timely announce the previous month’s provincial epidemic status in the middle of the month on the provincial health department’s web site, according to the provisions of Class-B infectious disease management. (Miyamoto’s note: Is it really “Timely announcement”? If the case be diagnosed on the first day of the month, it will be opened to the public after a delay of 40 days or more; even the place, gender, date of onset, date of diagnosis will not be revealed to the public!)

Up to now, H7N9 avian influenza cases in Zhejiang Province had increased to 4 (four) people; of which a case from Jiaxing city (FT#140) unfortunately died. It seems that H7N9 Avian flu, is wandering in Zhejiang.
Soon it will enter the winter season, H7N9 avian influenza virus in the second half will be back with the gun, will it be more trickey? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the Zhejiang province disease prevention and control experts, experts certainly told reporter that the virus does not care about coldness, will still keep its existence, but the public do not have to worry about it too much as long as the protection is in good order.

The patient comes from Anji county
The family has been breeding six chickens

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the patient (FT#141) Mr. Zhang currently staying an isolation word of Infectious Diseases Department in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College. The ward had treated most of the H7N9 avian flu patients in the first half of this year.
Liang Weifeng, deputy director of the hospital’s infection section, told the reporter that patient is in critical situation, and his two lungs showed phenomenon of pulmonary calcification; we cannot be optimistic about him
It is reported that Mr. Zhang due to pneumonia with high fever, on the afternoon of November 26, 2013, went to

禽流感病毒不怕寒冷 零星病人还会出现

新华湘湖网萧然健康 www.xianghunet.com 2013-11-29 14:27:16 来源:浙江在线责任编辑:高锋庆

截至目前,浙江省下半年H7N9禽流感感染者增至4人,其中,嘉兴一例H7N9禽流感患者 (FT#140) 不幸去世。

昨日,记者了解到,患者 (FT#141)  张先生目前住在浙大一院的感染科隔离病房。该病房今年上半年收治过大部分H7N9禽流感患者。
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20131129A 鳥フル:ウィルスは冬を恐れず 散発的発生の恐れあり(浙江新聞)


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