MR120万人が辞職に追い込まれた: 日中医療衛生情報研究所

MR120万人が辞職に追い込まれた: 日中医療衛生情報研究所

2019年 04月04日 『 MR120万人が辞職に追い込まれた: 日中医療衛生情報研究所 』

新浪医药新闻 med.sina.com 2019-04-04 来源: 赛柏蓝

4+7 全国が連動し、 MR(宮本注: medical representativeとは『医薬情報担当者』を指しますが、既にエムアールで通るようになっていますね)120万人が既に離職!

** 2018年11月14日、上海薬事所が『4+7都市の医薬品集中調達文書』を発表。北京、上海、天津、重慶と瀋陽大連、厦門、広州、深圳、成都と西安の11都市において薬品31種を集中購買するとされています。**

【初回の 4+7(都市)が公布された後、 120万人ものMRが離職】

集中購買の威力は明らかだ!アトルバスタチンのもともとの価格は39元超だったが、今では6錠で6元; エンテカビル錠はもともと200元超だったが今では17元となっている。 臨床費用がなくなり、金銭を投じての販売(の時代)は終わった。
これは、始まりに過ぎない。 過日、経済参考報は、安徽省、山東省、四川省、福建省もこの購買方式を採用すると報じた。
実際、実験地域の拡大は早くからその兆しがあった。 今年の2つの会議(宮本注: 全国人民代表大会と中国人民政治協商会議を指します)の期間中、国家衛健委の主任は、4+7の集中購買がさらにその実施範囲を拡大し、全国に向けて推進してゆくがこの活動は後退することはないと語っている。



1.2 million medical representatives have already left their jobs!

Sina Pharmaceutical News med.sina.com 2019-04-04 Source: Sibailan

4+7 national linkage! 1.2 million medical representatives have left their jobs!

After the first batch of 4+7 was announced, 1.2 million MRs have already resigned from their posts
A few days ago, according to the Economic Observer, since the first drug list to be purchased was published in December 2018, at least 40% of medical representatives in the industry have left.
According to this figure, 40% of the 1.2 million medical representatives have left the industry based on the national average of 3 million medical representatives.
The attending physician of a private hospital revealed that most of the medical representatives he had contacted had left their positions.

Linkage should be expanded
The volume-purchasing power is obvious! The original price of atorvastatin is more than 39, and now 6 6; entecavir dispersible tablets, the original price of more than 200, now more than 17 pieces. The clinical fee is gone, and the sale of gold is over!
This is just the beginning. A few days ago, according to the Economic Information Daily, Anhui, Shandong, Sichuan, and Fujian Provinces will follow up with purchases.
In fact, the pilot expansion has long been a warning. During the two sessions this year, the director of the National Health and Health Commission said that the 4+7 procurement will further expand the scope and promote it to the whole country, and this work will never take a backward step.

To all over the country, step by step
Not only the 11 cities, some places have already started the operation. Sanming of Fujian Province, the first place in the medical reform, has actively followed up and started to land the results of 4+7. On February 25th, Xinlitai’s clopidogrel officially entered the Sanming Alliance procurement catalogue with a price of 4+7. The Sanming City Medical Insurance Bureau will continue to promote the remaining selected varieties.
Liaoning encourages other cities outside Shenyang and Dalian to participate in the pilot project at each city under



医药网 news.PharmNet.com.cn 2018-12-17 来源: 赛柏蓝

新浪医药新闻 med.sina.com 2019-04-04 来源: 赛柏蓝





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